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Western Meridian

(formerly the western meridian of Inquiring Minds)

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This journal started out several years ago as a reflection of my twin's, dozman, an experiment to bring out rational discussion of some fairly irrational topics. I lived a continent away from him at the time, and this was one way we thought we could share and discuss our overlapping lives and the reflections of each other. We'd been two acquaintances, bordering on being friends and occasional colleagues, and then one night we sat down to talk and deepen the acquaintance and something very unusual happened. We ended up with what you might as well call a psychic link between us, despite our mutual skepticism about such things. These journals were an exploration of the link, the things that happened between us afterwards, the journey of exploration we chose to undergo.

We made both journals anonymous. We wanted the freedom to write as accurately and descriptively as possible about what we were undergoing, to share it with others who might have run into similar things. We didn't want to have to self-censor, and say "no, this is too weird for the people who know us to swallow". Instead we just described as best we could the various strange occurrences, in the name of clarity and good record keeping. We encouraged comments and discussion, though we didn't get a great deal of them most of the time.

Then Doz got a bee in his bonnet about writing, after one friend tried to spoil the anonymity for him in her excitement. He's barely written since, and only reactively - if something I wrote made him angry or upset so that he felt he had to say *something* to keep the public face balanced. The journals lost any sense of mutual discussion, and became ineffective as conveyors of logical argument about the weird spiritual sh*t we shared. I tried to keep that side of it going, but it didn't particularly work.

So my journal, this journal became a place where I reflected solo on a wide range of issues. My own journey through everything, not just an exploration of that one link and its consequences. It's still the same themes as Doz and I had set up - sexuality, spirituality, psychology, myth, violence, things like that. All still issues that I keep away from my public face, and I talk about them freely, scientifically, sometimes in detail. I make a window into the inside of my head, because I know the way I think about such things is unusual and I believe my tendency towards careful observation and reluctance to accept any explanation is also unusual.

Feel free to use the tags or memories to navigate through it and explore writings on different themes. It's mostly sorted, all but about four months worth early on. Feel free to comment, add to discussion, suggest possibile answers to questions or interpretations of events I might have missed. It wasn't originally intended to be just my viewpoint on something. But please, maintain that veneer of anonymity regarding my identity, I'd appreciate it. There are some things you just shouldn't share with your work colleagues, or attach to your public face when you work in any kind of publically visible role. And I often do so.