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Mi hombre del verde

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Jun. 6th, 2011 | 01:21 pm

So, we have our little boy. In my last post - way too long ago - I nicknamed him der Grünermann, or Green Man in German. I'm going to change that to Hombre del Verde. Spanish. While I speak German with the Schmetterling, and I think that language will feature in her life whether it's because of family, or backpacking in Europe, or working overseas, I don't know. If not, so be it, but it seemed a good language to work with. In contrast, mi hombre del verde is very clearly linked to Spanish. I don't know why, but I just get no impetus to do German with him and quite a clear push for Spanish. Maybe he'll end up working in tropical South America, or around the Mediterranean, or somewhere else unknown. Either way, I suspect warmth, and Spanish is a more useful language in such climes. I also suspect poor soils, places that are worn out or needing assistance, and they also have Spanish connections quite often. So I am beginning to brush up on my Spanish and speak it with him, slowly but surely. More work for me, but I think it will be useful.

Now that he's here, I can comment on a few more things about him emotionally, spiritually and magically. Like his sister he has striking eyes. Different, though. His gaze is profound, piercing where hers is compelling and enthralling. Instead of drawing you in, his eyes look right into you. I suspect he will be of greater intelligence than his sister, which is a high challenge in itself. He seeks eye contact, too, so it's not something you avoid. There's a sense of intimacy, of his seeking one-on-one time and closeness rather than his sister's charismatic control of the world-as-stage.

I do think he has at least one totem animal already established, though I can't tell if its the dragonfly or the lacewing (they're quite similar). I saw quite a lot of these when he was conceived and at several provocative times during the pregnancy - provocative as in not ignorable or not just background, they stood out. This totem might not last him into adulthood, as with his sister's birth totem of the koala it has applications now but might just be a childhood thing. But the link is there.

Past lives - still not terribly visible to me (and they may never be, or only when useful). I did have a hint of one at some point, now what was it... oh yes. A fairly recent life as an Aboriginal in the Northern Territory, giving his spirit a link to the place where he was conceived and where I travelled at that time of reception. Probably but not necessarily pre-white days. He certainly wasn't a troubled man in that life, not on the downward slope. More of a (yet again) green man and wild caretaker, and if what I see is right that was a spiritual process as well as physical - he was relatively skilled in that arena. The theme repeats. I don't yet know if he has any direct connection with my lives or if I've known him before. But we get along pretty well regardless, he belongs in my family tree whoever he is. He's definitely more connected to my family than W's.

I still don't see any major arrows or skews on his life path, it's fairly straightforward at this point. Things may develop, but for now it's just getting on with it and moving along. He's not facing any major challenges any time soon, just needs to grow and develop and begin focusing his skills to reach the same levels he's had before. It's like his life is more about using what he's learnt to make changes in the world around him (physically as much as socially) rather than being for his own personal development.

I do find I instinctively get along with him. He's a bit temperamental at times, but usually in understandable ways. I just like him, and I have to admit more so than his sister though she's pretty cool too. Not that I'm going to play favourites. It just is.

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